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Iwatsu IX-12KTD-2 w/ELK-2 (24 Button Display with Speakerphone - Black) #104203 - [IX-12KTD-2 w/ELK-2 Black] $54.00

Iwatsu IX-12KTD-2 w/IX-ELK-2 (24 Button Display with Speakerphone - Black) (#104203) (Refurbished)
Iwatsu IX-12KTD-2 with ELK-2 Black
(Iwatsu IX-12KTD-2 with IX-ELK-2)

The Iwatsu IX-12KTD-2 features

  • Speakerphone
  • 24 buttons (Iwatsu IX-ELK-2 installed)
  • Four fixed feature keys
  • Keys with Red and Green LEDs that are fully programmable.
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).

How to Change the Clock on Iwatsu? How to Change the Time on Iwatsu?

Please follow the steps below for your particular Iwatsu system.

Iwatsu ADIX-VS, ADIX-APS and ADIX Systems

From the Operator DSS when idle:

Press [ICM] + [FEAT] + [6] + [4]
Enter the time [HH MM] using the 24 hour military clock
Press [SPKR]

Iwatsu IX-12KTD-2 w/ELK-2 (24 Button Display with Speakerphone - Black) #104203
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